Design of an Electron Gun for an 8 MW peak, 30 kW average Power S-Band Klystron


  • Deepender Kant CSIR-CEERI
  • Atmakuru Nagaraju



Power Klystron, Electron Gun, Opera, CST Particle Studio, Trak


High Power S-band pulsed klystrons with peak power greater than 6 MW are widely used as RF sources in particle accelerators. This paper presents an electron gun (pierce type) design for such a klystron with an output power of 8 MW peak and 30 kW average with its intended applications in accelerators for food processing. The targeted device is currently under design at CSIR-CEERI and will be developed later on. The results of electron gun simulation through computational codes like Trak, CST particle studio, and Opera are compared to find an optimum design for the electron gun to be fabricated for the klystron.


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Kant, D., & Atmakuru Nagaraju. (2021). Design of an Electron Gun for an 8 MW peak, 30 kW average Power S-Band Klystron . International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology, 6(2), 260-263.