RCS Simulation and Measurement Studies of Microwave Dipoles for Chaff Applications


  • Verandra Kumar Defence Laboratory, DRDO, Jodhpur, 342011, INDIA
  • Prashant Vasistha Defence Laboratory, DRDO, Jodhpur, 342011, INDIA
  • Ravindra Kumar Defence Laboratory, DRDO, Jodhpur, 342011, INDIA




Chaff, RCS, mutual coupling, polarization, dipole


In this paper, monostatic RCS performance studies were carried out for metalized glass dipoles. RCS modelling and simulation
has been carried out for array of dipoles which is followed by the RCS measurement in anechoic chamber at 3-8 GHz. Good agreement in the simulations and measurements has been observed which validates the comparison criteria and also the performance of dipoles for application as chaff material.


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Verandra Kumar, Prashant Vasistha, & Ravindra Kumar. (2020). RCS Simulation and Measurement Studies of Microwave Dipoles for Chaff Applications. International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology, 4(1), 185-189. https://doi.org/10.32452/IJAMT.2019.185189